Travel Tips

When you visit Ecuador, like in any other place of the world, it is necessary to know certain key points of the country that will help you travel and enjoy one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world.


 To be allowed to enter Ecuador it is not necessary to have any vaccine certificate, but it is recommended that visitors get vaccinated against tropical diseases.

Electrical Connection

Ecuador uses 110 volts.

Metric System

The measurements in Ecuador are based on the DECIMAL METRIC SYSTEM, in which 1.6 Kilometer = 1 Mile 1 Kilometer = 0.625 Miles.


Ecuador has many accommodation options, affordable for all pockets. It is possible to find double rooms for $ 15 with a private bathroom, hot water, phone and TV included.

The prices, as well as the comfort of the services that the establishments offers go up, since Ecuador is able to satisfy the taste of the most demanding clients.


The Ecuadorian gastronomy is extremely colorful and presents different flavors and specialties in each of its regions, as well as the most exquisite international cuisine. The price of a typical dish for lunch starts at around $ 2.50, and although it is possible to get cheaper prices, it is recommended not to consume food on the streets or in places that show poor hygiene.


The price of public transport is one of the cheapest, buses charge $ 0.25 per person within the city, taxis start the ride with an approximate rate of $ 1.50 per day and $ 2.00 per night. One way to travel safely is to use an authorized cab company (yellow cab).

To travel outside of the city, you can take buses at the different bus terminals of the country, or request the services of any of the companies that specialize in tourist transportation which will allow you to move around the different destinations in Ecuador with professional drivers and in new vehicles.

Regarding air transportation, Ecuador has airports in 12 cities, all of which serve flights with the main national airlines. If you travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, you should know that the most used forms of transportation in some places are canoes and small motor boats, which would take you to your destination in a fast and reliable way. It is recommended to hire these services through tourism operators or travel agencies. For more information on transport companies, we invite you to visit our partners section.


Ecuador is one of the safest countries in the region, but it is necessary to take precautions to avoid inconveniences. Take these recommendations into account.

1. Travel with people you trust. It is always better to travel in group.

2. Know which parts of each city are the most insecure and avoid them. You can ask for this information at the hotel you check in, or in the tourist information offices of each city.

3. Ask for the schedules in which you can visit the different attractions of each place.

4. Leave the most important documents at the hotel but keep in minds that you should always carry, one form of identification with you at all time.

5. Avoid carrying large amounts of money with you, it is better to use credit cards. It is also not recommended to use expensive jewelry and watches, especially when using public transportation.

6. If you feel insecure at any time, take a taxi, get into a place full of people, ask a police officer to help you or call 911.

7. Use the services of authorized tour guides, do not use the services of people who volunteer to help you or show excessive kindness.

8. Do not keep your luggage or other personal items unattended.

9. At the forests, national parks, beaches and other places, always follow the instructions of the tour guides and managers of that place, use the established trails, and respect the warning signs.

10. Not all beaches in Ecuador are suitable for swimming, or for unexperienced swimmers. Check out for the high tide alerts.

What To Take To Ecuador

Due to the different kinds of weather that exists in Ecuador, it is necessary to bring suitable clothes according to the region you plan to visit. For the Sierra region, the use of warm clothing is essential, especially at night. If you plan to go on a camping trip it is necessary to wear fast drying clothes, boots and raincoats. In the Galapagos Islands and the coast provinces, it is necessary to wear fresh clothes, sneakers, sandals, bathing suits, sunscreen, caps and glasses.

If your destination is the Amazon region you should bring rubber boots (you can buy them at any city of Ecuador), plastic bags, light clothes, comfortable pants (no jeans), raincoat and sandals. Something essential, regardless of the destination you choose, is a good camera, for the large number of photos that, we are sure you will take in Ecuador.